Prelaturas, Ordinariatos y otras circunscripciones personales

Artículos Ordinariatos Personales

Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Mons. Harry Entwistle was born in 1940 in Chorley (England) and was baptized as an Anglican. He studied at “St. Chad’s College” of the University of Durham and was later ordained as an Anglican priest in 1964. After having exercised his ministry in Fleetwood, Hardwick, Weedon, Aston Abbots, and Cubligton, he served as a prison […]

Personalordinariate und Personalprälaturen. Aspekte eines Dialogs im Kirchenrecht

Von Antonio VIANA, Ordinarius für Organización eclesiástica, Facultad de Derecho Canónico, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spanien. Erschienen in: Ius Canonicum */ Vol. 52 / 2012 / pp. 481 – 520. * ISSN 0021-325X Kurzfassung: Die Apostolische Konstitution Anglicanorum coetibus über die Personalordinariate für ehemalige Anglikaner erregte nicht nur wegen ihrer Implikationen für den Ökumenismus Aufmerksamkeit, […]

Ordinariats et prélatures personnelles. Aspects d’un dialogue doctrinal

  Antonio Viana Professeur ordinaire d’Organisation ecclésiastique Faculté de droit canonique, Université de Navarre   1. La réception des nouvelles normes sur les catholiques provenant de l’anglicanisme La constitution apostolique Anglicanorum cœtibus, de Benoît XVI, a été publiée et promulguée officiellement en 2009. Des Normes complémentaires publiés par la Congrégation pour la doctrine de la […]

Personal Ordinariates and Personal Prelatures. Notes on a Doctrinal Dialogue

  by Antonio Viana Ordinary Professor of Ecclesiastical Organization, Faculty of Canon Law, University of Navarre. [This is a translation of an article originally appearing in Spanish in “Ius Canonicum” 52 (2012) 481-520]. 1. Reception of the new norms on Catholics coming from Anglicanism The year 2009 saw the official publication and promulgation of Benedict […]


di Antonio Viana   1. Il RECEPIMENTO DELLE NUOVE NORME RELATIVE AI CATTOLICI PROVENIENTI DALL’ANGLICANESIMO  Nell’anno 2009 è stata pubblicata e promulgata ufficialmente la costituzione apostolica Anglicanorum coetibus di Benedetto XVI, unita ad alcune Norme complementari pubblicate dalla Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede1. Queste disposizioni prevedono lo stabilirsi di ordinariati personali per organizzare in […]

Personal Ordinariates

  Juan Ignacio Arrieta Intervention at the “Anglican Use Society” 2010 annual conference. June 11, 2010, Newark (USA). The following conference of Msgr. Juan Ignacio Arrieta -Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts- revisits some ideas previously set forth in his article “Gli Ordinariati personali” (Ius Ecclesiae, n. XXII, 2010), where he reflected upon […]

Territorial and personal jurisdictions. Ordinariates

Paul Hayward (“Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland” Newsletter nº 176 (2013), pp. 36-48). Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to take a look at the way in which the Church organises the division of her jurisdictions, that is, the manner in which different portions of the faithful are allocated or […]

The Manifestation of the Will of the Faithful in the Context of “Anglicanorum cœtibus” and other Ecclesiastical Circumscriptions

  Ernest Caparros Publisched in: J. Martínez-Torrón – S. Meseguer – R. Palomino (eds.), Religión, Matrimonio y Derecho ante el siglo XXI. Estudios en homenaje al profesor Rafael Navarro-Valls, Iustel, Madrid 2013, Vol. II: Derecho Matrimonial. Derecho Canónico. Otras especialidades jurídicas, pp. 2885-2910.   Summary: 1. Introduction: The relationship “ordo-plebs”, foundation of hierarchical circumscriptions. 2. The role of the will […]

Personal Ecclesiastical Circunscriptions. The Personal Ordinariates for Faithful from the Anglican Communion

Eduardo Baura, J.C.D. Philippine Canonical Forum” 12 (2010), pp. 101-130. English translation of Spanish original by Jaime B. Achacoso.   Summary: I. Personal Ecclesiastical Circumscriptions: 1. Territorial and personal circumscriptions in the Church. 2. The nature of cumulative ecclesiastical jurisdiction. 3. Types of personal ecclesiastical circumscriptions: a) Personal prelatures; b) Military Ordinariates; c) Ritual Ordinariates; […]

Personal Ordinariates Juan Ignacio Arrieta (English)

The Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus (AC), promulgated by the Holy Father Benedict XVI on the fourth of November 20091, establishes in canon law a new personal ecclesiastical circumscription: personal Ordinariates. This circumscription is on the whole similar to other personal circumscriptions that already exist in the Catholic Church – military Ordinariates, personal Prelatures, Ordinariates for […]


Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to take a look at the way in which the Church organises the division of her jurisdictions, that is, the manner in which different portions of the faithful are allocated or ascribed to the ecclesiastical authority for their pastoral care. The term “jurisdiction” in this context is […]

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